Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Gifts- More Gratitude

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On my way to 1,000 Thank Yous.....

29. A project that was sent home for my first grader as homework. I dreaded the hassle when I first saw it, but completing it last night was such a joy. We cranked the Christmas music and made Christmas candy to share with classmates. I was thankful for the unexpected bonding time with my girls.

30. Consistently losing the extra weight from pregnancy each week- even after Thanksgiving. The ability to do this is not coming from me.

31. Realizing my computer was stealing too much of my time. Seeing how much I am accomplishing now that my priorities have been shifted.

32. The excitement over Grandma coming tomorrow. We are all counting down to her arrival.

33. A coffee date with a good friend on Monday night and the encouragement she gave me.

34. Listening to my youngest daughter do her speech practice- loving how deliberate she is every time she says her L's, W's, and Th's. She's trying so hard! Hearing her say, with pride in her eyes, "I used to say wuv but now I say L-ove."

35. Lunch with a good friend- delicious food and dark chocolate for dessert.

36. Prince Charming discovering his hands and fingers. Watching him learning new things right before my eyes.

37. The financial resources to buy Christmas presents and the thrill I get from finding the "just right" gifts for people I love.

38. Conversations with King Charming that go late into the night because we have so much to tell each other.

39. That feeling of knowing there is no one else I'd rather be with.

More to come....

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