Monday, December 15, 2008

Hidden Treasure

I discovered hidden treasure in my closet this weekend.

The "treasure chest" is an old stationary box. On the lid is a 3x5 card with the words "Thy Will Be Done" handwritten on it, and inside are scraps of paper notes. It is my "God Box," something I made after reading a devotion years ago. The devotion recommended making a box to place your worries into, giving you a physical representation of letting go, of leaving the worry in God's hands, and trusting Him to take care of all of your needs.

This weekend, when I took the lid off, I realized the notes inside were written over six years ago, and I hadn't read them since I put them into the box. Standing in my closet, I read every piece of paper. Some were one or two words, while others were full page letters pouring out my concern and anxiety to the Lord. All of them were legitimate needs and worries of the past, bringing back memories of lost sleep. But the me of today stood there realizing that every single need in that box had been met. There wasn't one worry written down that was a current worry today.

Finding the box truly was a treasure arriving at the perfect time. I've been dealing with anxiety lately, and it was so good to be reminded of God's faithfulness to me. My discovery allowed me to see my anxiety through a proper perspective. Left in His very faithful hands, God will work out the issues of today just as He has so faithfully worked out the issues of yesterday.


Hilty Sprouts said...

That is awesome! I am always amazed by God's faithfulness when I read through my old journals.

Anonymous said...