Friday, January 7, 2011

This One's For You, Grandpa!

If you are looking for the winner of the Read and Share Bible giveaway, my two princesses announced the winner via video in an earlier post this morning.  Click here to see if you are a winner.  : ) 

Wow!  Two blog posts in one day!  This morning's post and this post are evidence that I am enjoying the new Flip video camera I bought King Charming for Christmas.  I'm having so much fun in fact, I have to remind myself that I got it for HIM, not for me.  : )   

This post is dedicated to Grandpa.  Grandma gets a lot of air time here on this blog, and Prince Charming and I decided that Grandpa needed some blog love.

Here you go Grandpa, some love from your grandson and a little showin' off of his hoop skills. 

(And the video's also for everyone else who wants to see the cutest 2-year-old on the planet.  No, I'm  not at all biased, hee hee) 

Make sure you stop by on Monday for a new series and a giveaway.  Happy Friday Everyone!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ben, Ben ... I'm totally and seriously impressed ... you can really shoot and for a two year old its fantastic!!! I love you!
Grandpa A2J! <><