Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down in the January Dumps

After I wrote my last post and hit the publish button, I realized it sounded so chipper and as if I've got this weight battle and everything else licked.  I am very grateful for what I'm learning from Lysa's book and for the success I've had lately, but I'm also all about transparency.  After I hit publish, the rest of my week has truthfully felt far less than victorious.   

Because December went so well, I thought I had somehow sidestepped the winter blues.  Ha Ha.  They're laughing at me now.  No sidestepping allowed, I guess.  January kicks my hiney every year, and here I am again.

When it comes to the blues, I know I can't be passive about getting better, and I know the things I need to do that I haven't been doing lately.  But I thought I'd throw it out to all of you, too.  Do you struggle with winter blues?  What helps? 
January is hard but thankfully January is temporary.  Spring always come! 



Momma Jensen said...

Interesting how the month of January can be such a struggle. I wonder why that is?

I have been making a few unhealthy food choices of late, which is a disappointment, but just proves to me that I must be ever vigilant. I, too am thankful for Lysa's book and wonderful insight. Many of her words could have come right from my head.

Exercise seems to help me. Especially on the days when I feel the most blah. That tells me that I need to get some endorphins rolling somehow and exercise is a good way. Although I may not want to I always feel better after.

A couple years ago when I was really struggling with depression my doctor said on the days you feel bad make time to exercise, laugh or have sex -- they all give your body the same endorphin rush that makes you feel better. I didn't much feel like laughing or sex, but exercise was a good start. ; )

I hope you find something that breaks up the blues and brings in the sunshine!

Ben Abshire said...

SKIING HELPS! Get out of your house and take the family skiing and enjoy the fresh air!

Katie said...

THANK YOU! I am feeling that exact same way this week... meh... blah. It doesn't help that today I am sick. Thank you for reminding me this is temporary and there are things I know will help.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

We actually have a partially sunny day today, and that helps a lot. I've been eating too much chocolate, though. I was feeling really bad about myself yesterday because I just couldn't seem to say NO to the snack cupboard. I think getting out of the house can help. I was feeling so house-bound yesterday, too - it was just a loong day where I couldn't think of anything productive to do except eat. Blagggh - so I do understand!

Oh, and I posted something about the Bible I won in your contest on my blog today, Becky. Thanks again for that. My kids love the Bible!


Rachel Beran said...

Projects! I like to find things to do to occupy my time. Paint a room, move furniture, work on photo albums, etc. The last two winters we have worked on remodelign our basement. It makes the long winter months pass by. AND I try to keep perspective...spring WILL come. I think God have us winter so that we would take the time to slow down, reflect and be still in His presence.