Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Stepping out my door           
Escaping January blahs and
Walls closing in
      I need fresh air and          

I expect nothing more         
Than suburban asphalt
And cookie cutter houses
     Yet unknowingly I enter a

Icy Wind greets me
Pushing away apathy
Waking me from winter slumber
     While sunshine kisses, reflecting 

I see slender Birch
Bending, swaying
As Wind whispers through her
    Raised hands a hymn of

I see purple mountains
Robed in snowy prayer shawls
Majestic in their own right they  
    Kneel humbly before their

I hear wind chimes beckoning and
Geese inviting as dry
Leaves skip past pointing
     My heart to childlike

Home again,
I open the door and step in




ELK said...

just beautiful .. written with such feeling and vision

Sally Jo said...

I love the last line. New. That is exactly how I feel.

Brian Miller said...

nice. i need those escapes...the refreshing so that the usual feels new....

Loni said...


Ohhh we so need this newness . . . and HIS mercies are NEW every morning! Such hope!

Jodi said...

Hi Becky, I especially liked the line of snowy prayer shawls - very nice imagery. I also like the quote on your header. I used to read Judith Viorst when I was a teenager. She was a feature writer in a magazine that my mother read, and even though Ms. Viorst was a married lady writing about her husband and children, I enjoyed reading her.

alittlebitograce said...

beautiful, this picture of nature praising, refreshing, pointing you back.

Mommy Emily said...

As Wind whispers through her
Raised hands a hymn of

oh friend, i'm so glad to have met you. i'm so glad you linked with imperfect. this is absolutely lovely... i felt refreshed after reading it. i hope you'll continue linking. xo

Leslie said...

How lovely that you found this grace and renewal in God's creation, and that you found such lovely words to describe it.

And thank you also, for your kind words over at my blog.

Connie said...

"Yet unknowingly I enter a

yes...wise mamas know to walk outside, breath deep,and watch as all creation praises The feel The Breath of Heaven on your your GOD breathed words...may they guide lots of mamas to take moments outside for renewal

S said...

Thank you for such a beautiful description of what we all need...refreshment. blessed!

jen said...

I see purple mountains
Robed in snowy prayer shawls

Love it, Becky! You describe this refreshment in such a way as to make me feel I am there experiencing newness as well. Such beautiful imagery.

God Bless you today. I am glad we had a chance to talk today at church! :O)

Bethany Ann said...

i really appreciate a person who can see the sanctuary, however cookie-cutter cluttered it may be!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

This is absolutely lovely. Amazing how a walk can be such a refresher. I was out with my puppy yesterday afternoon and had a moment to step outside my busy mind and soak in the bits of grace evident in those sunshine kisses and shawled mountains (though our mts. right now could do with a bit more cover! Very little snow).

Your comment at my place today really, really touched me. Thank you so much for including me in your prayers.

Daiquiri said...

BECKY! Holy crap. You WROTE this?!'ve been holding out on me! Beautiful. It belongs in a frame next to a beautiful photo - we should combine forces!

Seriously. I'm in awe.