Friday, June 26, 2009

And the Winner is...

Within One Week Challenge...

Four ladies did some awesome things this week.

One gets Starbucks on me.

Since I don't want to show ALL did great!...I rely on the help of to tell me the winner.

Here's what the little generator decided:

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 4 Result: 1

So CONGRATULATIONS KATY, you were #1 on the list of the finishers!

Now you have a clean, sparkly refrigerator and a Starbucks card coming in the mail.

Stop by and congratulate Katy for me. She is a hard working mom of four kids. She deserves a coffee break, don't you think?

Good job everyone! We'll do another one of these challenges in the early Fall to get ready for the school year.

Plus, I have some great giveaways coming from Zonderkidz so stay tuned!

Happy Weekend!



The Jernigan Family said...

Woohoo I was hoping Katy would get it...nobody likes cleaning out a fridge. Ps I bought the jessica seinfeld cook book! Thanks for the suggestion

Emma said...

katy will be pleased lol. I don't think she's won one of these yet! That espresso looks soooo good at the top of your page LOL. makes me want to do it, justso i can go get one of those!

Katy said...

No way, I never win, this made my night Becky! Thanks! Hey I have an idea? Why don't you save the 5.00 put gas in your tank and head down to Kennewick for the 4th? Okay just a suggestion. I wish you guys could come and I would totally be willing to donate the 5 (not that it will get you very far at all) :) Love you, and thanks! Let me know if you are going to take me up on that generous offer! LOLOL Wish I could do more! :) Love ya!