Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Want to Join Me?

For the last few weeks, I've been blogging on my new fitness blog. I wasn't sure if I was going to "go public" with it. I just needed a place to journal my thoughts and plans. But as I've thought about it, I decided it would be good to have support through this journey.

I also thought it would be great if there are others out there who might want to join me. The title of my new blog is "Climbing My Personal Mount Everest." I describe the meaning of that title in my first post. My goal isn't to just lose weight again. I've done that over and over again. It's more about making lasting change and being free of the yo-yo diet thing.

It isn't a fancy blog right now, and I've only got three posts so far. I'm still postpartum, so I'll be going slow. I've got plans to journal my own journey and to start a book club using this book. It would be great to have other "fellow climbers" join me. We can pray for each other and support each other along the way. If you start a fitness blog of your own, let me know and I'll add you to my sidebar. Or if you just want to cheer me on, I'd appreciate that, too. : )


Hilty Sprouts said...

Looks like the kind of book I need to read! I'll go check out your fitness blog now!

The Jernigan Family said...

Go Becky Go, I just started playing volleyball once a week again. 4 games every Wednesday night...I LOVE it, I was a little nervous at first because Katy told me that when you jump and land you I had visions of me spiking the ball and landing in a puddle of pee...good news is that it didn't happen (yet). But it gives me a little me time, and Jeramy some one on one time with his daughter (although he has been working out of town for the past 4 weeks so I feel like a single parent.) I think that has helped give me motivation to clean an walk and do other things during the day. I think Sage is protesting however because the first Wednesday I had to sit up in a chair with her all night because of her horrible cold, and then last night she decided that she wanted to wake up at midnight and stay awake all night until 5am and play, and then only slept until 6:30am...the little stinker! Good luck on your goals and way to go!

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I already have the book and am on day 7. Love, Mom