Monday, October 6, 2008

All Is Right With the World

I just got home from the airport where I picked up my mom. She is staying with us for five days, and I can't tell you how that does my heart good. We are all so happy to have Grandma here.

The girls have been counting how many sleeps they have until Grandma comes for the last two weeks, and you would have thought it was Christmas this morning when they realized there were no more sleeps left. Amy figured it out first and ran up the stairs yelling, "Sissy, Sissy. This is THE day! GRANDMA is coming. TODAY!!!!"

I've been emotional and hormonal and a little down in the dumps this weekend, but Mom makes it all feel better.

Thank God for Grandma!

I think I'll sneak away for a nap while she's busy with her grandkids. No one will miss me. : )


Hilty Sprouts said...

Hi Sally! Glad you are here!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you enjoy this precious time with your mom and the time watching your mom interact with your kids.

Kate said...

Wow, what a blessing. I hope you all enjoy the time with your mom.