Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dang Global Warming!


These were the views outside of my windows last night:

Not only did it snow on OCTOBER 9TH, but my kids were able wake up and there was enough left to sled on.

I have to admit, I love it! And my family has a tradition of competing for the first snow. Whoever gets it first calls the other family members and brags. Since Mom was here with me for my win this year, I just have to say to my brother, "We win, Ben! Neiner, Neiner!" : )

I do want the pretty Fall leaves to come back though. This was exciting but I'll wait until closer to Christmas for more.


Unknown said...


The last time it snowed here, it was Christmas Eve, 2003, and everyone called it the South Texas Christmas Miracle.

Oh, how I love the snow!

Shanda said...

I love a little family competition! I called my mom this morning, and she told me her car door was frozen shut this morning. Quite the contrast to my husband and I sweating to the mid 70s while we mowed the lawn at 8:00am this morning!
Loved the pictures!

Shiloh said...

How fun!!!! I am always the first to want snow to fly but the first part of October!!!
I hope you still get your fall leaves, that is one of the best parts of the fall season.

Daiquiri said...

That's so funny! I did a "global warming" post about our snow too! It was so fun to have our house filled with so many little voices today. We've missed you guys

Anonymous said...

WOW! I have NO idea where you live but it is not near me... we were wearing shorts today. We do have some beginning fall foliage and leaves on the ground, but it is in the high 70s.

I would like some snow this year though... last winter we didn't get much at all. I prefer mine after Thanksgiving though.