Thursday, October 16, 2008

From the Back Seat...

I was driving my girls to a dentist appointment after school today and had a fun conversation with them. Karissa said she checked out a book about being a veterinarian and was filling us in on the details.

I love it when she gets a gleam in her eye and wants to share something new with me. It usually starts with the line, "Mommy did you know..." and she'll fill in the blank, educating me on this new found knowledge of hers. Today, she informed me that veterinarians aren't just animal DOCTORS, they are also animal DENTISTS because they take care of the animals' teeth. I told her how insightful this was.

Amy piped up from the back seat and said, "I don't ever want to be a veterinarian because the dogs might BITE me."

My answer was, "God has given us all different interests so we'll all do different things. Maybe Karissa was meant to be a vet, that's why she loves animals so much."

Then Karissa said, "Yeah, Amy was meant to be a princess."

I just had to laugh at how true that was. Amy informs me often that she is going to marry our neighbor boy, her one true love, and how he is going to do the working and make all the money. Poor kid. She has his whole future planned for him. I think he feels a little helpless in the whole situation. He's just too nice to tell her no. : )

Then we got to the dentist's office, and I told the girls to hop out and head inside. I told them to tell them I'd be right in after I got the baby in his stroller.

Karissa said, "Yes and then we'll tell them who we are."

I said, "Oh, I think they'll remember you. You two girls are hard to forget."

Her answer? "Yeah, it's because we are so beautiful."

The princesses need a little work in the humility department. : )

When do we lose that childlike confidence?


Anonymous said...

Our daughter says your daughter can have him.....Our daughter has found true love. "Wuv twoo Wuv willw wast fowoever" (if I lost you see the Movie "Princes Bride")

Anonymous said...

Link to twooo Wuv

Daiquiri said...

"Neighbor Boy" was informing a friend of our that he was going to marry your princess. When the friend asked if the girl knew of his plans he said, "Of course, she planned the whole thing!"

Gotta teach that kid some independent thinking!

Although, I couldn't be happier at the thought of a match like that for him :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully NEVER!

Missy said...

You are so brilliant for how you put your clicks up above your posts!! I am going to totally copy that!! Thanks for the tip! :)