Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Letter From the Prince

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say hi and to thank you for all of the praying you have done for me.

I'm getting bigger every day. Do you see my big boy clothes? I outgrew those little boy newborn clothes ages ago! : )

Two days ago, I decided to change again and become even more interactive. I love to "talk" now and smile at anyone who will give me some attention. Attention is something I seem to get a lot of around here.

I love to hang out with my sisters. They think I'm the cutest baby ever, so I get LOTS of attention from them. But my one true love is the ceiling fan in the living room. Every time I get a glance of THAT wonderful thing, I break out in the biggest grin.

Grandma is visiting this week and she is so much fun. She gives me baths, holds me whenever I want it, and she taught me the coolest trick. If I look in the mirror, I will find another friend to talk to and smile at.

Grandma has to leave on Saturday and I don't like it one bit!

She better come back soon.

Thanks again for checking in on me and my family.

The Prince

(A.K.A. The Scribe)


The Jernigan Family said...

Oh my gosh Becky...he is the cutest thing ever!! Our family does make some good looking babies don't we. Both of our kids have the darker complexion which I think is just beautiful. I mean serisously Becky...Good Job...he is gonna be a heart breaker...and with a name like Ben...look out. I LOVE the pictures of him with your mom in the mirror. I miss you guys so much, I wish we could get together time you go to Prosser let me know and I will come has been since Amy was a baby that I saw you last I think. Please give your mom a great big hug from us...looks like she loves being a grandma just as much as my mom does. Go look at my last blog picture of Karissa, Gracie, Jacob and Ethan when they were babies, I ran across it and it seems like it was just yesterday...tell me it doesn't really go by so fast!

The Jernigan Family said...

I just had to say it again...he is just so darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just LOVE the picture of him in the overalls! He is so cute!

Hilty Sprouts said...

Ahhhhh! I can't handle the cuteness of that little sugar booger! Love the smiles!


Anonymous said...

Oh Becky, how this post just warms my heart as it is filled with joy for you!!!

Your son is so precious and that smile of his... and your girls are just beautiful!

Always a treat to have Grandma come for a visit!!!

Big hugs,

missy said...

oh my word. he is just too stinkin cute. you are so blessed.

Daiquiri said...

He is so freaking cute! I feel like I haven't seen him (or you) forever!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. I echo the comments above, he is so cute! I like the onesie you made him...very appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy... I had hopes he would look like like his mom....The Injustice of it all!