Thursday, June 10, 2010

School's Out for Summer, Isn't It?

They informed me they weren't lost, just looking for their teacher.

Ahhh, there's their teacher now!

Leave it to Oldest Princess to have organized something.
That girl was born to organize people.

She has declared our garage the neighborhood summer school. The first day she had one student. The next day she had three. The next four. Word is spreading about how much fun her school is, and today I just served cookies to nine kids. One is the principal, one the TA, one the duty teacher, and of course Oldest Princess is THE TEACHER.

Since I'm delivering cookies, I suppose that makes me the Lunch Lady? Where did I put my hair net?

Students putting their backpacks in their cubbies.

This is quite the sophisticated school. She has lesson plans, recess, P.E., snack time. A few minutes ago nine kids just walked through my living room in a single file line heading upstairs for library class.

The funny thing is, she is teaching them real academics and they all love it. No one is going back to school next year with gaps. I wouldn't be surprised if she has the little ones reading before the summer is over. : )

Her school lasted a couple hours yesterday. She's thrilled. The little kids are happy. I'm just glad they made the garage the classroom so they stay out of my hair. (Just being honest) : )

Yesterday, she walked by with a goofy grin and let out a contented sigh, "Mommy, I'm beginning to think maybe I should give up being a vet and become a teacher instead."

I'm beginning to wonder if teaching is an inherited gene. I tried everything I could to pursue a different career path and break away from the family mold, but it was useless. It was in my blood.

I'm afraid it may be useless for her, too.

Now that her staff is growing, however, maybe she'll get a quick lesson in school politics (I can hear the sound of a few too many cooks in the kitchen out there) and change her mind.

If that doesn't do it, I'm certain the paycheck will. : )


J said...

Ah, Becky...this is so funny. I can't believe the gusto she has to get something like this up and running. And isn't it so like young kids to, the minute Summer arrives and they are happy to be done with school, to just pick it right back up for fun?

Hilty Sprouts said...

I would have loved attending that kind of school when I was a kid! Heck, can I come now? lol They will have so many good memories.

Stephanie said...

Well, if she does insist on being a teacher (awesome!) tell her to get a job in Canada-I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw a Canadian teachers salary.

Teaching is definitely in the blood, I fought it too but still found my true niche in the classroom.

Crystal at LifeAtTheCircus said...

Wow! What an adorable story... I love that the kids all play right along. Momma must be doing a good job home schooling for her to be doing such a good job in her own classroom. :-)

Unknown said...

That is so cute! She must be great such a great teacher!
I remember wanting to play teacher, but my "students" were not as excited as I was. lol

Rhodema said...

Love it!

Reminds me of our first year homeschooling - 18 years ago. My oldest had us on a schedule, saying the pledge of allegiance, and time allotments for each subject including a snack. That didn't last too long.

Have a great summer.

Sally Jo said...

She certainly is a chip off the old block. There is no better profession in the world! Mom