Monday, June 28, 2010

Please Say "Mama"

Prince Charming helping his sisters bake.

Oh man, this little boy has our hearts wrapped around his finger. He is such a sweetheart, has such a great sense of humor already, and he gives the BEST hugs ever. All four of us are smitten.

There's just one thing we're all so looking forward to- When he can talk! : ) Caveman speech is getting old. He has all of his vowel sounds down, but has never babbled, never said "Mama" or "Dada", and never used a consonant sound.

Thankfully, one of my closest friends is a Speech Language Pathologist, and she has been keeping a close eye on his development. As the gap between his receptive language and his expressive language continued to widen, we decided it was time to get him set up with speech services. My friend Jen helped us find a great clinic that was covered by our insurance. We just came home today from his fourth visit with "Miss Nicky".

I'm very grateful we don't have to worry about any cognitive delays. He is incredibly bright, uses sign language a lot, and has the best nonverbal communication skills I've ever seen.

We're all a little baffled. He is so motivated to communicate with us and is above average in what he understands, so it is odd that the consonant sounds are missing. His SLP recommended having his adenoids and tonsils checked to see if they were getting in the way.

I'll be glad to rule that out, but in the meantime I'm thrilled with the progress he is making. It has been fun for me to have this new thing to teach him. When I was a teacher, the kids always came to my classroom already speaking.

I can teach you how to read, but how to talk? I was clueless. I'm learning so much about language development and am so proud of his new skills. He started saying "go" this week and it felt like such a victory.

I'm so excited for the day I hear, "Mama." It will be music to my ears.

And I won't miss, "Ehhh" at all. : )


Shanda said...

Hi Becky!
It's been a while since I've been around checking out the blogs, and your title caught my attention! Your little prince charming is only about 3 months older than my nephew and he is a very big "Ehhhh!" fan, as well! I love that you are an active part of his development, and
I understand completely how the communication struggle can be very trying to say the least! Hang in there Mama! Sounds like you both are doing great, and he is down right adorable!!!

The Jernigan Family said...

Sage has her own little language and she will talk to you in it for along time and uses her hands alot. I often wonder if she should be saying more. Alot of these younger kids have older siblings that they follow, but Sage doesn't. Plus I don't know where she "should" be. She has several sentances and stuff down, but I am curious if it should be more. We will have to talk when I see you this weekend! I am so excited to see you guys. We won't be able to come to Katy's since Jeramy has to leave for Montana the next day, so we will have to do alot of our catching up on Saturday! You are going to bring your book for people to buy right. I don't have a book I am reading right now, and I am waiting so I can have yours! Love ya

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I miss the "Ehhh"--you will too. Mom

Hilty Sprouts said...

It was so exciting to hear him say "go" over and over again! Way to go buddy!