Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fog Won't Last Forever

My plan to get more sunshine is going to be seriously challenged this week. These are pictures of the sky around my house today. Aren't we having lovely weather? : )

Unfortunately, this inversion is trapped in our valley, so the fog is here to stay for the rest of the week.

As I was snapping these pictures this morning, I noticed the sun trying to break through the fog and I felt so hopeful. I was reminded that this is a season and won't last. Spring always comes and spring here is so beautiful.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement after my last post. It means a lot to me, and I can feel them.

I'm so thankful that because I belong to Jesus, I never have to go through anything in this life alone. I am carried through every challenge, every trial, and every January when the winter blues come rolling in. : ) I could not do life without Him, nor without the people He's surrounded me with that love me.

Loving you back!


Anonymous said...

Becky, you are not chained to your house. Do something different. Pack up the kids and King Charming and go after the sun. Drive up to Bogus just to sit in the sun for awhile and let the kids play in the snow. That's one reason I ski. I can't go through winter without the sun. Just what you need. "Motherly advise". I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Mike has had the blues as well. It has not been easy for me either. Mike went up to Bogus yesterday, and found sun. He was up there for several hours, and came back feeling better. He and matthew have gone up again today to find the sun. Get the family and go up there. Maybe we should find those lamps we talked about last year. I think we could each do with one. Hope your day is better. Listen to your mother.

Love Maggie

andreawilliams said...

I too am not a fan of this weather that we are having. Yuck Idaho winters!!
Hope that you are doing better.
Hugs, Andrea

Stephanie said...

I'll trade you fog for the -53 C that we have today in Manitoba!

I too hate the winters!!! Why oh why did I leave AZ? Oh yeah, I fell in love...c'est la vie.

Daiquiri said...

You got some really cool pictures!