Sunday, January 25, 2009

Basketball Debut

Our little basketball star had her very first game on Saturday morning. First grade girls who have only had two practices before their very first game ever make for great entertainment. : )

I was impressed with how well the YMCA ran this game. The rules they had in place made it fun for the girls and cut down on chaos. : ) The first 15 minutes was a teaching clinic.

Then they had the girls put on arm bands that matched the color of a player on the other team. That way they knew who they were supposed to be guarding. They were told to stick with their other team player even if that meant running after them into the parking lot.

Of course there were no penalties for double dribbling or traveling at this age and they couldn't steal the ball away from a girl unless she was dribbling the ball. They all had a blast! And I was surprised by how many baskets were actually made.

Our little star got to be the point guard and dribble the ball down the court. We need to teach her to dribble to the basket, not the sideline, though. : ) And she got a great pass in to one of her teammates who scored a basket.

She was happy with her first game. Her favorite part?

Snacks afterward.

This is going to be a fun six weeks. : )


Katy said...

How fun! I really want to get Gracie started!

Anonymous said...
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