Thursday, January 15, 2009

Entering the World of Sports

Some time in October, my oldest daughter came home with a form from school advertising YMCA Basketball. She wanted to play sooooooo badly and kept begging her dad to let her do it. Everyday after school, she'd come in the house and ask me, "Has Daddy decided about Y-Ball yet?"

He told her she could play "next year." But what she didn't realize was Y-Ball started in January which was technically "next year." So for Christmas this year, she opened up a certificate telling her she was all signed up for Y-Ball and the bottom of it said, "we can't wait to cheer you on."

She was so excited and has been counting down the days until it began. I'm glad we waited a little bit to get her involved in sports until she decided which one she was the most interested in. I have a feeling basketball's appeal has a lot to do with how much she looks up to my 15 year old cousin, Krista, who plays basketball. Krista is the epitome of cool around here. : )

Her first practice was last night and she made three baskets during practice. She can't wait for her first game.

She has a birthday party to go to next week for one of her classmates. She said, "I know what I can get Emma for her birthday present! TICKETS TO MY BASKETBALL GAME!"

I'm sure that's just what Emma was hoping to get! Ha Ha!

- Her Biggest Fan


Hilty Sprouts said...
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Katy said...

Oh how cool! Gracie has asked to start too, I just wasn't sure if I was ready to give up Saturday's yet? Let me know how it goes! She looks adorable in those pictures and so grown up! Can't wait to cheer her on from the blog! :)

Daiquiri said...

She was so excited at the bus stop the next morning. I kept hearing "Daiquiri! Daiquiri!" over the din of the kids screeching at each other. I finally made eye contact with her and she was glowing..."I had my first basketball practice last night!"

Awfully darn sweet :) I think sports (especially team sports) are SO important for girls. Never mind the physical benefits of learning a new skill and getting some exercise...just look at what it's done for her confidence already!

What a great gift idea. She's blessed to have such wonderful parents :)

Anonymous said...

Did she loose another tooth? I can't wait to see a game. I'm coming on Friday. Grandma

Bethany said...

Oh that's so exciting! I played both softball and basketball in grade school and really enjoyed both. I hope she has a great time!

Anonymous said...

I tagged you for the honest scrap.

I know finding time with a little one is hard, I hope you get a chance to do it!

Don't forget my giveaway this week!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. What a big milestone for her. I love her birthday gift idea, that just cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Girls who play hoops totally rock!!

Yep, this girl played...

Waiting anxiously to hear more and see photos of your superstar hoop player!


zandyk said...

What a big girl!