Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Are You Hurting Me?

Remember how happy my girls were to get this done less than one week ago?That was before I became the meanest mommy on the planet.

I'm not Super Mom lately, I'm a meanie because I have to clean their ears three times a day. I have to call them in from having fun and go through our routine.

Their ears may already be infected. We've been faithful with the cleaning, but they hurt to touch and the redness comes and goes.

I thought for sure Amy's were infected, but after treating it with Neosporin for a few days they have improved a ton. Now I'm thinking Karissa's might be infected, so she's getting the Neosporin treatment. There have been lots of prayers around here that we will get through this and survive the next six weeks.

So here is Becky's friendly advice for the day:

Learn from my pain. : )

There are tons of tears at every cleaning. They beg me not to do it. They can't understand why I insist on hurting them three times a day. I just have to bite my lip and do it anyway because I know that keeping their ears clear of infection is what is best for them.

Amy keeps telling me I'm doing it wrong. She keeps saying, "But Mommy the lady at the store didn't tell you to put that medicine on me." She thinks I made up the Neosporin part just to spend more time hurting her.

This whole situation reminds me of how we try to tell God He's doing things wrong at times. We approach Him from our limited understanding and are hurt when we can't figure out what He's doing. As a loving Father, He has to do it anyway, and we have to trust He knows what He's doing.

The devotion I read this morning had one of my favorite Bible verses:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight" - Proverbs 3:5-6.

The lean not on your own understanding part really stood out to me today.

My girls don't understand what I'm doing, but they'll have to trust me to take care of them.

What do you think they'll think of me when they find out we have a doctor appointment tomorrow to have their immunizations updated? Oh man! Pray for us......


Emma said...

awe, it's so hard to see your baby's hurting, even if it's just a little! This too shall pass!! They'll love their earings in a few weeks when the pain starts to subside. I'm with you on waiting till they can take care of them on their own. Praying for you and your girls for tomorrow too, I hate immunization days!

Anonymous said...

Oh babe, I'm so glad I'm far away so I don't have to see them hurting. I remember when you pierced your ears and they got infected on the ferry trip home from Alaska. I don't know what we did, but somehow we got through it, and you still like me--don't you? :) Love you, Mom

Katy said...

Oh man that is the worst. That is the main reason I didn't want Gracie getting hers pierced, because I had such a bad experience. Luckily hers have had no problem at all. You can blame Pat for saying yes, and make him clean them! :)
Have you checked to see that they are not too tight? I know that was a problem with me. So I have kept Gracie's on the last little catch of the post. Very loose. I will be praying for them. We have one week to go before Gracie can take them out and put others in. That's what I'm really worried about! You can always just take theirs out let them grow back in and tell them when they are ready they can pay for it and take care of them! Tough love huh! Love ya!

Kimberly S said...

At least when you take them to the doctor tomorrow, it will be the nurse inflicting the pain and not you!

Daiquiri said...

Clara informed me today that she wants her ears "peeled" like Amy and Karissa! Your post was ringing in my ear though, and I put it off.

You're looking so cute and prego lately :)

BTW - your little baby widget was going crazy just now...spinning, spinning, spinning...made me dizzy! Thought it was funny to think of little "MT" doing the jitter-bug in there!