Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Need to Clarify Something

I got an Anonymous comment today about the nursing covers that I'm giving away for the Bloggy Giveaways that made me realize I needed to clarify something. I thought most moms were already familiar with this type of nursing cover and would know that I didn't invent them. Please forgive me if I gave that impression. I promise I didn't mean to! : )

Here is the Edit Note I added to the bottom of my giveaway post:

(Edit Note: 4/23/08: I received a comment today that made me realize I needed to edit this post. I would never want to give the impression that I came up with an original design that has never been done before. There are lots of this type of nursing cover on the market made by different companies with different brand names. They sell for between $35 - $45, so I was excited to be able to sew them for less. I guess you could think of this as a generic version of the others I have seen, and I just wanted to offer them to other moms who are on a budget like we are.)


andreawilliams said...

becky, you are so cool you COULD of invented them :)
boo on american idol last night :(

Jennybug said...

I really like your blog. You have a lot of fun ideas.

Katy said...

Just wanted you to know that I thought it was very clear that you didn't invent these, you even mentioned others on the market. I think yours looks so great though! I hope I can win it!

Angie said...

I agree with Katy by the way. I thought it was very very clear.

Anonymous said...

Of course you didn't invent them! For Pete's sake you can't invent everything. We all know you were too busy inventing these blog things, and wasn't it Ben who invented the internet? (but everyone just thinks it was Al Gore) Mom

Anonymous said...

AMEN to the comments above --- And to the brave "anonymous" poster - Shut your PIE HOLE!

Becky Avella said...

OK....You all are so sweet! I'm thankful for the support (and the protective husband) : )

But to be fair, after the comment I went back and read my post and it did have the potential of being misleading.

Love you guys!

Qtpies7 said...

You did not ever imply that you came up with the idea on your own. That was just ridiculous.
You didn't need to clarify that, normal people can read that you found a great design and made your own for less.

missy said...

You are such a woman of grace. That was a terribly rude comment made by anonymous and I probably would have publicly blown up over such a comment had it been directed toward me.

I'm such a dummy though, I actually thought you did invent it.