Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Look What I Made! : )

Our Baby Will Be Spitting Up in Style

Only the utmost in comfort and style for our new little one....flannel burp rags! : ) His/Her older sisters had to make due with plain old cloth diapers. : ) I have been inspired lately by other bloggers who are so crafty. I've wanted to dust off my sewing machine, but I was intimidated because I really don't know how to sew well. I know just enough to start projects and then not be able to finish them.

But the other day, I came across this tutorial for making flannel burp rags, and I thought, "Hey, I think I could do that!" So, I tried, and they aren't perfect, but I had so much fun doing it. I think my nesting instinct is starting to kick into gear. There is nothing sweeter than baby snuggly flannel. They are double sided, so this photo shows you the material on each side:

(Edit note added on 4-11-08 My friends were over today and when they saw these in real life, they said, "On your blog they looked as big as sheets!" They were surprised to see that they were really just 11 x 17 inch rectangles, so I thought I'd make a note on here that I layed them out on a pillowcase in this photo, not a full-size sheet like it appears. If our new baby is anything like his/her sisters, I am expecting a lot of spit-up, but not so much it requires a sheet size burp rag) : )

I want to make some more after the Monster Truck/Cutie Pie debate is settled. There are so many more fun flannels, but they are gender specific. I had so much fun doing this, I've decided to take on a new project for baby coming. It's more complicated, so I'll wait to tell you about it in case I have to abandon ship. : )

If you are looking for my American Idol post, don't worry, it's coming. I just want to think more about what I want to say. It will probably end up being a combined recap of last night and tonight's "Idol Gives Back," as well as my prediction for who is going home. It gets harder every week.


Daiquiri said...

Very cute! Love the fabric :)

Mrs. MK said...

Way to go, Becky!

Isn't it fun to have something that you made yourself for your little one?

i love that feeling!

Hilty Sprouts said...

Way cute! One of my client's mom's gave me a bunch of those when I was pregnant. They really do come in handy and are so much cuter than the cloth diapers.

Katy said...

How cute, I wish I could inspire myself to do some. I don't have a sewing machine though and that's my excuse. They do look so soft and new though!
Love ya,