Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Have a Winner to Announce : )

I really enjoyed this giveaway. It was so fun to keep checking my blog for new comments. I can't thank you enough for the participation and creative names. Some of the names cracked me up! They were very entertaining. : ) I now have so many to choose from, I'm having a hard time deciding what I'll be calling my nursing covers.

And now for the winner.........

Congratulations goes to Felicia! It sounds like she is a very deserving winner. She is a home-schooling mom of three, with Baby #4 on the way. She also works with a non-profit group that provides educational resources to the deaf community. I hope that in all of her busyness, this nursing cover will be a blessing! Stop by her blog and congratulate her for me. : )

I'll be contacting Felicia to let her know that she is the winner. If I don't hear back from her within a week, I'll draw a new winner.

Thank you again for the fun and support. If you'd like to order a nursing cover, let me know via email at


Heather said...

I do want to order one ... do you have pics of fabric samples?

Katy said...

I didn't win, but I will be ordering one for sure. Let me know when you get samples of fabric in please!

Felicia said...

Of all the contests this is the one I wanted to win! You have no idea how excited I am!!!! Thank you! I will be telling others about your neat nursing covers.