Monday, October 4, 2010

Remembered and Loved by Their Big Sister

Each month, Littlest Princess's class hosts an Author Share where they practice public speaking in front of their invited family members.   They use a microphone and share the writing projects they worked on for that month.  

Friday was the first one, and I was proud of my little author.  I agree with another mom who said it will be fun to see how the kids develop as speakers and writers this year.  But the most touching moment for me was after the program when Littlest Princess walked me out to the hallway to see the Family Crest she made.

She pointed out that she chose to highlight the countries of Norway and the UK as two places our ancestors immigrated from.  She showed me the gold coin that represented her riches of love and friends, and her pictures of the relatives that came from Norway.  

Then I asked her about this picture and said, "Who are these people?"   

She answered, "That's our family!"  She pointed out each of us and finished with, "And these babies are David, Micah, James, and Sarah in Heaven."  

My heart tightened, and I was overcome with a strange bittersweet feeling, a mixture of sadness and joy.  She never forgets.  When she prays at night she always thanks Jesus for her WHOLE family. 

She'll tell perfect strangers that she has two brothers and two sisters in Heaven.  One time at Fantastic Sam's, the girl cutting her bangs told her her name was Sarah, and LP said, "I have a baby sister named Sarah who lives in Heaven." 

I've tried to talk to her about how inappropriate it is to tell people this and how uncomfortable and sad it makes them feel, but she doesn't understand.  In her mind, this is her family.  She has a firm grasp on Eternity and looks forward to knowing her sisters and brothers someday.  She thanks God for them.  So, I 've given up trying to stop her.  In fact, I'm thankful I haven't been able to stop her. 

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and October 15th is set aside for a special Remembrance Day.  I'm thankful that I am not alone in remembering my precious babies.  So many remember them and love them, especially their big sister. 



Thoughts for the day said...

I can't imagine losing four babies. I am sorry for your heart hurt.
It is good to remember. Our son and his wife lost a baby 'in a miscarriage' and I purchased a tiny angel bear and placed in a small box for grandma to keep, in remembrance of our angel baby.
Now they have three beautiful boys. God is good. said...

oh my. what a sweet and loving big sister to remember and cherish her brothers and sisters so. i am sure this blessed your heart immensely.

Hilty Sprouts said...

I'm crying sweet friend. I could learn a lot from LP's faith and joyful perspective.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Thank you for sharing this, Becky. I have tears in my eyes! This sweet childlike faith and hope in eternity is so precious. I know people will be touched by it, so I'm glad she has no inhibitions about talking about it. It might make people sad and uncomfortable, but it will also make them think. Very powerful!

Much love to you and yours,


J said...

This made me cry, Becky. And I agree with Jen, I could also learn a lot from LP's perspective. How joyous it will be one day to have you all together. Until then, you are using your trial to reach out to others and that there is a little bit of redemption. Praying with you, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babe come simple truth! She, like her mother as a child, unflinchingly clings to truth in her heart. What grips my heart is to get another glimpse into Amy's heart. She's much like her father ... On the outside she can seem aloof or even self absorbed, but the fruit is revealed in the consistency of the Truth by which she, like her father, lives her life and loves her family. It makes me lover her (and her dad) all the more! Thanks for sharing this story, Bops! Grandpa