Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miscellaneous Musing

  • A Little Worried-  My girls are both home sick from school today which means I was able to sleep in with no alarm clock and will not have to be the chauffeur to and from school today and won't be sitting at gymnastics for two hours tonight.  Uh oh!  That sounds a tad like a day off.  Yikes!  I don't want another one of THOSE!    Trust me!  I have absolutely no expectations for today.  Did you hear that, Murphy?  No expectations!  So you just keep your law to yourself today, OK? 

  • On the Novel Front-  I've been plagued with writer's block.  I was telling my Writer Buddy yesterday that I've written a whole four paragraphs in the last two weeks.  Not exactly stellar progress, but I'm encouraged because writing those four paragraphs was fun and not frustrating like it has been.  Maybe I'm breaking through the block?  I hope so. 

  • Time to Climb That Mountain Again:  Oh joy.  It's time to lose weight again.  Here's me sticking out my tongue-  : p 

  • W.O.W. : We are going to have a very full house for Thanksgiving this year.  I'm so excited about it.  My aunt and uncle and cousin are coming to visit for the first time since we've been married.  My mom and dad and grandma, my brother and sister-in-law and their four kids, and great friends who really are family will all be joining us.   I've got a long "to-do" list but its a labor of love because I want it to be special for everyone.  The front porch project went well, but once I walk IN the house I'm bombarded with all I see that I'd like to make better before everyone arrives.  It is definitely time for another Within One Week challenge.  I'll post more details soon, but I wanted to make sure you got it on your calendar so you'll join me.  It will be Nov. 8 - 15.  

I suppose that's enough rambling for now.  : )

Have a very happy Thursday everyone!



A.L. Sonnichsen said...

I hope you had a good "day off"! I know how you feel with carting children around all day. I get so sick of the inside of my van. :)

Don't worry about the writer's block. Its presence actually gives you time to do other things -- like redecorate before company comes. Maybe your brain just needs the break. I'm excited to see the result of your week's makeover!

Have fun,

Sally Jo said...

I'm just praying that your "labor of love" is REALLY fun for you and not sending you into panic mode. Don't worry about your house, it is still almost a month away. No motherly advise, just prayer for this to be a time of pure joy. I love you, Mom

Sally Jo said...

OK, now for the motherly advise. (I just couldn't stand it) I've learned over the years not to worry about the number of people coming, because it takes the same amount of cleaning and preparing for just a few. The more that come the more helping hands you have, the more food everyone brings, and the more everyone entertains everyone else. It really is true, the more the merrier.