Saturday, March 7, 2009

One of Those Weeks

Do you ever feel like you are in slow motion while the rest of the world is in hyper-speed? I'm there now!

It has just been a crazy busy week, and I've felt like a chicken with its head cut off, running in circles accomplishing nothing. I've actually done a lot this week, it just can't be measured or seen. There is no product to show for myself. Just a lot of unfinished started projects. All I wanted to do was get my kitchen cleaned up. I've been trying all week, and it still isn't done. Man! And now the lovely Daylight Saving Time change is about to steal an hour away from me.

I give up! I'm going to bed with a good book and maybe the kitchen will be clean tomorrow, but then again, maybe not!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. One thing is for sure, you'll always have a kitchen to clean. Love, Mom

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

After spending hours on end in my house trying to make it look like a magazine I finally learned (after 35 years) that the spotless house never made anyone in my family love me more. I'm the only one who saw the dust and crumbs. they only saw a home. It's not worth the time spent worrying about something so trivial. When your daughters and your little boy leave the nest some day the memories of the time spent with them will be the ones you will cherish not the ones that you spent attempting to have the Martha Stewart house. By the way Beck, she has professionals that come in and do it for her. LOL. Just a thought for you because I love you.