Monday, July 28, 2008


OK...At this point in my blogging career, I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about my wonderful, talented, and creative friend Daiquiri. But this time she has truly outdone herself. I never knew just how CREATIVE she really is, but boy did she get me good this weekend. : )

Before I focus on the beautiful shower she threw for me and all of the special things she did FOR me that day, I first have to tell you what she did TO me. (You can click here to see her blog post and pictures of the special day. It was so sweet, and I was blessed by my friends' generosity and love)

After a delicious lunch and many, many desserts : ) she had me open my gifts. I thought my friend, Michele, was writing down my gifts so I'd be able to do thank you cards later. She was actually writing down every word that came out of my mouth as I opened the gifts. (You can see her leaning up against the wall in the photo below...she's the one with the smile on her face, trying to hold back laughter)

When I thought we were all done and ready to move on to the next activity, Daiquiri made an announcement:

Before we go on to the next thing I had planned, I wanted to share an old wives tale I've heard about. It is tradition that the phrases an expectant mom utters as she opens her shower gifts are ACTUALLY the words she uttered when her baby was conceived.

"Oh no, I'm in TROUBLE!" I thought as my mind began to count back all of the times I had used words like "cute" "soft" and "tiny"

Then she handed me the list and made me READ IT OUT LOUD in front of my GRANDMA, MY MOM, AND SOME OF THE LADIES FROM THE BIBLE STUDY I LEAD ON MONDAY MORNINGS!!!!!!

Old wives tale my foot! She just made it up! : )

I was beat red, but it was FUNNY. I haven't laughed like that in sooooo long. It was great medicine.

So if you promise you won't be offended, (I'm innocent, remember?) the video of me reading my list is posted below. I hope you can make out what I'm saying through all of my tears and laughter.

(P.S. I didn't want you to see how round and tubby I've gotten, so if you'd kindly imagine me looking like my sidebar picture instead, I'd be grateful) : )

Thank you everyone who was there Saturday for your love. I left the shower with a full heart.


Mrs. MK said...

uhhh, ummmm, I'm laughing so hard I can't even type!! Now THAT's a funny baby shower game!!

(by the way, you look beautifully about to give birth....celebrate!!)

Unknown said...

This is too funny!

I've never heard of doing this; I'll have to remember it!


Daiquiri said...

Thanks for putting the video up, Beck. I keep coming back to look at it again and get my daily (or hourly) laugh :) You're sure a good sport!

Got the nicest comment from your brother today. Punk made me cry! I can't wait to meet him and Angie in person some day:)

Katy said...

I needed that laugh! I have tears right now. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to meet Benjamin

Angie said...

Oh-My-Gosh!! I can't stop laughing right now....that's was way too funny!

And you look beautiful Becky!!

Anonymous said...

I have tears running down my face again! It was just as funny the second time. I was sure blessed to be able to be there. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

You are tooooooo cute pregnant!!!

I am so thankful to hear all the good news about baby Benjamin and that you know the day of his birthday!

I think it is soooooooooo wonderful to see how Daiquiri and you have developed such a wonderful bond and friendship! What a gift, truly!

Loved the video, you are just so precious!

In my thoughts and prayers,

Alyce said...

that was hilarious. we were traveling and my hubby and I listened on the road.
hang in there girl..

Theresa said...

Daiquiri told me to come by and watch the video. It was the words that were so funny it was you and the woman to the left of you (your mom?) that were a riot.

I'll be thinking of you as it is only 14 days until the big arrival!

Love Theresa

Becky Avella said...

Theresa- My mom is the beautiful blonde in the middle of the couch in the picture I posted before the video. She surprised me by making it to the shower and bringing my Grandma with her. Grandma's sitting next to her on the couch. I didn't think she was going to be able to travel here to make it to the shower so it was extra special that she was there.

I'm glad you got a good laugh!

: ) Becky

Crystal said...

You look BEAUTIFUL, not tubby!!!! That is so funny, praise God for laughter and friends : )