Friday, July 18, 2008

I've Been Disconnected....But I'm Back : )

Our modem of five years died a few days ago. It was sad. We had a funeral. : )

I've been disconnected for awhile, but thanks to our good friend and neighbor, Joe, we are now back up and running. Thanks Joe!

It was hard not being able to check my blog for comments or post anything new. I envisioned all of my bloggy friends giving up on me and never coming back. : )

But I must say, being without the Internet has been a good thing for us. We've been having a great time as a family, actually playing outside! Moving, activity. More than my fingers got exercise today. Hmmm....maybe there is a lesson to be learned here for us. Maybe such easy access to the Internet all the time is holding us back from interacting and being active.

Something to long as I still get to blog.... : )


Anonymous said...

Your back! That was fast. Mom

Emma said...

At least it didn't take a month lol. Glad you're back! I know what you mean about being "interactive". I've never been big on the internet for that main reason. I found lots of stuff to do when I didn't have it.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. We lost power earlier this summer for 48 hrs... what I missed more than anything was my internet access. (ok....the ability to wash our hands was a CLOSE second):-)

I was also convicted of how often I "real quick" check an e-mail or comment or blog... and too often "multi task" instead of sitting down and just playing or working.

Welcome back!