Tuesday, July 8, 2008

King Charming is a Bad Influence : )

Last night at dinner, the girls started playing, "Ha, Ha! Made you look!" with each other. Remember that old game?

The girls aren't very good at it yet, but I said, "That's not very nice. Where did you learn that from?"

King Charming gave me a sheepish look across the dinner table as both girls said in unison, "Daddy!"

It reminded me of a few weeks ago when we were all in the car driving around town. Being the ever patient people we are, the girls have started asking the red lights to turn green so we don't have to sit long.

Sometimes it is sweet with flattery like, "Would you please turn green for us, pretty please? You are such a handsome light and we really would like to keep going."

Sometimes it is demanding with threats, "If you don't turn green I'm going to smash you with a hammer!"
Except Amy says "hammuh" : )

(Guess who they learned this one from! King Charming!)

During this particular family outing, my innocent little Amy looks up at the light and says, "Please turn green. I think you're HOT!"

I couldn't believe my sweet little girl just used the expression HOT! I spent the next few minutes explaining how "hot" is not a very ladylike thing to call someone, and I'd rather they said pretty or handsome. Then I looked at King Charming and said, "Look what they learn from you!"

"They didn't learn that from me!" He insisted, "You"ll have to blame TV for that one!"

Always the one to come to Mommy's rescue, Amy's little voice piped up from the backseat. "Nuh uh Daddy. I learned it from you. I was sitting on your lap looking at my stickers and you said Minnie Mouse was HOT! You said that means pretty!"

HA! I knew they learned it from him!

I love it when I'm right! : )


Katy said...

That is too funny Beck! Kids here everything! I am shocked sometimes when Gracie or Cole says something and I ask where they heard that and they say you, or Daddy! I guess little ears are always listening!

Heart4Adoption said...

You make me laugh! I love it:)

The Jernigan Family said...

I've been dying for your big Monster Truck name reveal. How long are you going to make us wait? Looks like you guys had fun at Katy's. We will be there next year! Love ya