Monday, April 4, 2011

My Latest Good Reads

I do love to get lost in a good book, and I've gotten lost in some good ones lately. 

It's interesting how different the types and genres of books I've been reading are from one another.  You'll see from my list that they vary from YA Fantasy to Contemporary Christian Fiction.  None of these were perfect, but all of them were entertaining, and I didn't want to put them down.  

Young Adult Fantasy/ Fairy Tale:

I stumbled on this one at the library and maybe I enjoyed it so much because I didn't know what to expect.  It was such  a pleasant surprise.  It's the first of a trilogy called "The Chanters of Tremaris" and I really enjoyed this fantasy world.  I've already been to the library for Book Two and Book Three in the series so I can keep going. 
The Singer of All Songs (Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy, Book 1)

This one is a fairy tale and a sequel to Goose Girl. I didn't like it as well as Goose Girl, or her other books like Princess Academy and Book of 1,000 Days, but as always, Shannon Hale is a master with words and I liked being back in Bayern. It has a little bit of a slow start, but by the middle I was hooked again

Enna Burning (Books of Bayern)

Christian Fiction:

This one caught me from the beginning and had enough adrenaline to keep me reading after the Hunger Games Trilogy ruined me.  My only complaint is it is obviously the first of a series (that hasn't been written yet) and left me hanging at the end, waiting for the next book.  (Did I mention it hasn't been written yet?  Hurry up, Joel!)  : )
The Twelfth Imam

I have been following Jody Hedlund's writing blog for awhile, so it made this book,her debut novel, extra fun to read.   The Preacher's Bride is the one for you if you are in the mood for some good Christian historical romance. 

The Preacher's Bride

Verse Novel:

And of course you all had to know I'd be reading another verse novel.  This one didn't disappoint me.  : )  I'm still in love with the genre and really enjoyed this book:

The Weight of the Sky

Question For You:  Do you stick to one genre of books or do you like a variety?  Have you read anything great lately? 

Happy Reading! 


Jody Hedlund said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for mentioning my book (and for reading it!). I appreciate that! And I didn't realize that you'd written a non-fiction book about miscarriages. I actually had three miscarriages between my twins (who are now 11) and my son (who is 7). Those miscarriage years were some of the roughest years I've lived. Makes me all the more grateful for the blessing of my children!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Becky, Norma and Ben read THE TWELFTH IMAM and they are actually traveling with Joel Rosenberg to Israel in May on a tour. Isn't that cool?

Thanks for all these reviews. I'm going to have to check some of these out. I love it when I get to read a bunch of good books in a row.

P.S. I didn't realize you lived on Whidbey before! How cool!!