Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weren't You Homeschooling?

When I finished this post, I asked my husband to edit it for me.

After he read the ten paragraphs it took me over an hour to write, he told me it sounded stupid and I just needed to say, "We tried it. It wasn't for us."

Men! Leave it to a man to get straight to the point. : )


Rachel Beran said...

Such a guy...right to the point, sounds just like my husband. :) Hope the girls are enjoying their new school. Enjoyed their back to school pics. They both look a lot like their mama. :)

Becky Avella said...


I think he just knew I was agonizing over how to say it "just right" and he thought that what I wrote ended up sounding cheesy and wish washy. So I deleted all I wrote. I was so worried about offending or discouraging anyone and finally just gave up. : )

Even though we chose to go a different route this year, I'm so thankful for the memories we made and the great learning that happened.

I'm so thankful we all have the choice to choose what is best for our kids.

I'm excited to follow along on your blog about how that goes for you in a few years. : )

J said... happy that you are right where God wants you and your family. His plans for us are as unique as He made us. It also made me laugh at how easy it is for guys to just say things. They make it look so easy! :O)