Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe I was a LITTLE bit nervous...

Ahhh, I finally have everyone tucked in for the night.

I've been dying to get on here to do my "Back to School" post. For the most part, it was a great start with only a few Mommy Blunders.

(It wouldn't be me without some of those) : )

An Early Start: It felt so good to get back to a set routine. My alarm went off at 6:00 AM, and it didn't hurt as much as I expected. I didn't realize how long it t has been since I've found some true solitude and quiet time. I read my Bible, prayed for our day, and enjoyed the quiet. : )

Then the girls' alarms went off and we watched the sun come up while they drank hot chocolate and I drank my vanilla soy latte. We prayed together about the day ahead at their brand new school. And then it was time to get serious about getting pretty!

All Ready for the Third Grade!

All Ready for the Second Grade!

It is impossible to get her to stop posing. At least she's confident. : )

I was so glad they had each other today.

Chill Out Mom!

I couldn't believe how nervous we all were. Too nervous even to eat breakfast, and believe me that doesn't happen often! : )

Thankfully, Grandma is visiting, and she and Prince Charming tried to keep us calm. But that was a tough job.

So maybe the nerves made me A LITTLE bit scatter brained, and overprotective.


Maybe I couldn't spell my name for the lunch lady


Maybe I slipped and asked one of my girls if they needed to use the potty in front of other kids,


I May have had to be told to put my camera away

But, all in all it was a sweet start to what I think is going to be a GREAT year!

I've had some ask about why we aren't homeschooling again this year, and I'll write about that later.

I need to go to bed early now, you know.

It's a school night! : )


bristowmom said...

The nice thing about living half way around the world is I get to read your posts before anyone else! Well, at least when you write at night.

The girls are beautiful. They have changed so much since I saw them. (Duh. It's been 2 years!). They lost their curls! That makes me sad. Anna lost hers too and I miss them.

I hope you will write about the schooling decisions. I'm curious...

Becky Avella said...


Your kids have changed so much, too. Time will do that I guess. : ) I love reading your blog and following your adventure.

I miss my girls' curls so much, too. Their hair just got thicker and heavier and they straightened out. In these pictures, though, we used a straightening iron, they still have quite a bit of wave and some curl.

I'll try to get to the schooling decision post soon. : )

Katy said...

Beck, they look so big and grown up! Isn't third grade a milestone! Can't wait for Gracie to start...she isn't excited, but I love the routine of the school year!

Becky Avella said...

Thanks, Kate! : )

I LOVE being back on a routine. It feels so good.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

So cute! This made me laugh. I love that you asked your daughter if she had to use the bathroom in front of her friends. That's something I would do, too.

My daughter Olivia is starting third grade this year. She's at a different school than my son now, so I'll have three kids in three schools. What was I thinking?!

Get some rest and enjoy the beginning of the school year. :)


Sally Jo said...

Now that I am home, I love to look back at these. It doesn't even feel like I was there. Grandma

Hilty Sprouts said...

The girls look adorable and happy! I'm glad it went well!