Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebrating Today

I'm sitting in my comfy chair at the end of a very busy day and thought I'd journal some highlights.

1. One of the sweetest was taking the girls to their new school for a quick visit. Oldest Princess was finally able to meet her teacher and it was such a relief.

If you read yesterday's post, you know how stressed she has been. I wish I could capture in words or on camera the difference between the little girl who walked in and the little girl who walked out. I was so impressed with her teacher and the way she expertly put her at ease.

She came home full of excitement and that did her mama's heart good.

Thank you, Lord, for a quick answer to prayer and for caring for a little girl's burdens. : )

One of the ways the teacher connected with her was talking about dogs and that, you know, is Oldest Princess' love language.

2. Speaking of dogs, I was sorting through summer photos tonight and came across this one from a few weeks ago. The girls dogsat "Princess" for a week while her family was on vacation. With a name like that, how could she help but fit in around here?

When I looked at this photo tonight, I was amazed at how grown up both kids looked. Time really is flying, and I'm finding I need a fresh reminder of the reason I started this blog in the first place:

Stop straining your neck looking ahead for the fulfillment of future goals and dreams and celebrate what is right in front of you now.

And what precious gifts are in front of me right now.

3. Which brings me to the third highlight of the day- Catching a little girl in my closet playing dress up with Mama's high heels. I love her little girl spunk and joy.

I have three unique, gifted, beautiful children-
(and I'm only a little bit bias)


To my little fashionista,

To my sweet dog lover,


To my tender hearted toddler,

I say:

I loved being your mama today. : )

2 comments: said...

I love days like that.. when your heart is full and you realize, just how good you've got it!

Sally Jo said...

That picture of Karissa walking the dog and Ben Ben, cracks me up. What a responsible little girl--killing two birds with one stone. Mom