Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Despise the Journey

If you don't like the number on your scale. It is probably because you aren't weighing yourself correctly:

The proper way to weigh yourself! : )

I've shared on here before (and more on my fitness blog) about my struggle to maintain my weight. It has been a life-long battle and one I often doubt I'll ever win.

Whoever coined the phrase "Yo-Yo" dieter must have had me in mind. My past is full of defeat and victory in this Battle of the Bulge.

Last year was a year of victory. This year has been a year of stress eating, blues, and 25 unwanted pounds back on my body. It makes me feel so ashamed and unhappy.

I have no one to blame but myself. It was my hands grabbing comfort food. It was my mind saying, "Reward yourself" after a stressful day.

I used to beg, "Make me skinny, Lord."

Now I've been crying out, "Change me, Lord!" I am so tired of the up and down trip on the scale and the way it messes with my mind, emotions, and self-esteem.

His answer is, "I am changing you."

To which I respond, "Not fast enough."

I'm reading a book called, The Body God Designed: How to Love the Body You've Got While You Get the Body You Want. When I read this part the other day, I knew I had my answer:

You need to accept that you are on a journey. The journey itself is not a waste of time because along the way you are going to learn about God and you are going to learn about yourself. Do not despise God because He's asking you to take baby steps toward your destination instead of miraculously transporting you there in one fell swoop.

I am learning that God is changing me from the inside out. He wants me to be healthy, but although my physical health is important, its temporal, and secondary to my spiritual health which is eternal. That doesn't make the journey easy, it has been TOUGH lately, but I'm learning to not despise it, to accept who I am right now and God's love, to grow from my mistakes, and to not give up. This is God's way of doing a permanent fix in me, not a quick shallow one, and that's worth the wait.

What kind of journey does He have you on at the moment?

Praying for you!


4 comments: said...

Thanks for sharing... I can relate and def appreciate that perspective. I have high hopes for getting back in shape this summer after the baby. I too have a weakness for comfort foods on stressful days... not good when your a home schoolin SAHM.

Katie said...

You're beautiful, Becky, inside and out.

andreawilliams said...

Thank you, I needed this!! I am most i have ever weighed and its killing me. My heart breaks everytime I get on the scale because this is my mess.

Sally Jo said...

Don't doubt that you will win--because you are already winning by not giving up (I would give up dieting though). Feed that beautiful body with food to bring it health and beauty! Eat like the thin person you WILL be again.