Monday, February 8, 2010

W.O.W. Results

How did it go ladies???

I'm so excited to visit your blogs and find out how your week went as you tackled those goals. Remember to celebrate what you were able to accomplish even if it wasn't perfect. That's what I'm doing! I did not completely finish my goal, but I'm excited about how far I got and how much it is helping our organization already.

I got about half of what I hoped to get accomplish finished, but I'm so thankful for the accountability because I can say with certainty that none of it would have been done without the knowledge that I'd be reporting to you today. : )

My original goal was to have my card-file system all ready to use, that I would develop a weekly and daily schedule that would work for our homeschool and life, and I also hoped to cover the ugly tin box with some pretty contact paper so I could leave it out on the kitchen counter.

Here's what is finished:
Awhile ago I won this planner for Homeschool Moms:

So, I used it to map out our school week by the half hour. We were able to implement the new schedule yesterday and it worked great. I'm hopeful that knowing what we "should" be doing will help us keep on top of things instead of winging it.

I also started going room by room and listing what needs to be done in each and how often that chore needs to be done. Some chores I want to do every day, some only need to be done once a year. Most chores were labeled daily, weekly, twice a week, monthly, seasonally, or annually.

Those two steps were as far as I got. I'm still working on getting it all transferred to 3x5 cards, but I did buy some really fancy colored cards for the job. I'll do another post when I finish it.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and the fun of doing our work together.

I'm adding MckLinky to the bottom of this post for you to link up your results. On Thursday I'll draw the coffee winner. Can't wait to hear how it went. : )


Angie said...

Good job Becky! I think that I may have to try you system someday. I got my blog post up and will link it as soon as Mr. Linky is up. said...

I am still working on my blog post... thanks for the extra time. I didn't get as far as I thought I was going to...hit a major roadblock which kind of derailed me.

Good job in pressing on and getting your system started!

How long do you spend on actual schoolwork each day? Just curious!

Sally Jo said...

It's over all ready? I was still deciding what I wanted to do. lol. Anyway when you get my age, you move in slow motion while the world is in fast forward. Mom