Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing the Van Cluck Sisters

We have some new fluffy babies around here- 

Chickens!  : ) 

We may have been slightly influenced by a certain royal wedding last week when we named our girls. 

We each picked out a chick of our own and decided they needed very aristocratic names.  Prince Charming had a little help naming his chickie.  "Bird" just didn't seem fancy enough.  : )    

Meet the Van Cluck Sisters:

Lady Goldia Rosemary Van Cluck

Goldie is a Golden Sex Link chicken and belongs to Youngest Princess

Lady Angeline Ann Van Cluck

Angeline is an Ameracauna chicken.  She will lay pastel Easter colored eggs.  She belongs to Oldest Princess.  

"Lady Di"
Lady Diana Van Cluck

Diana is a Rhode Island White chicken and belongs to King Charming. 

Lady Ramona Augusta Caroline Van Cluck

Ramona is a Golden Sex Link chicken and she belongs to Prince Charming.

Lady Beatrice Anastasia Adelaide Van Cluck

Beatrice is also a Golden Sex Link chicken and she's mine!!  : )

We are so excited to have fresh eggs.  They should be laying for us before school starts again in the Fall.  Right now they are still in their brooder, but King Charming is hard at work designing and building "Cluckingham Palace" (a.k.a. The Coop).   

As soon as they establish their pecking order, and we can see who is the boss, we will know which of the ladies will receive the title of "Her Majesty the Queen".  After that we'll decide who will become our princess, duchess, countess, etc.   We're not having fun at all.   : )

I originally titled this post "Meet Our Newest Family Members" but King Charming put the kabosh on that.  He has told us over and over again they are not family members, to not get too attached, and to remember these chickens are food providers, might die, and might end up in soup.  We're prepared for the worst, but still having so much fun.  I can't believe how fast they are growing and changing.  On Saturday they were puffballs.  Now they are already getting their feathers.  

I like being a chicken farmer!  : )   

Want to vote on which one you think will end up Queen? 


Momma Jensen said...

Congratulations on adding to the brood! They are so cute when they are little. Tough call as to who will be the queen. Lady Di looks like she might have a feisty gleam in her eye, so she will get my vote for Queen. : )

Good luck and happy clucking to all the Van Clucks.

Becky Avella said...

Yes...and since Lady Di belongs to my husband I think she has a good shot at it. I bet he'll be coaching her at night while we're all asleep. LOL.

I think Angeline has a royal look to her, too, and definitely throws her weight around...we'll see. : )

The Jernigan Family said...

On Easter a Mama Duck crash landed in our backyard, and with her last effort flew away, her little fuzzy ducklings waddled into our yard, and as we were trying to get the dogs, and rabbit and 3 year old in the house, we aquired these. While Jeramy is a hunter/fisher, I have always known the cycle..but this was too much, I was FREAKING out because I saw them being orphaned...I am a Mom, with a baby, it was all just too much...so after we made them a nice cozy home, and gave them a nice stuffed "Mama" animal, they lived in my kitchen for a few days until the smell was too much, and we decided to give them to my cousin, so she could go visit them...he then went and got 6 chickens, and I get phone calls from my cousin (his wife) thanking me for the new mess she has to deal with...LOL..I hope Sage doesn't expect Ducklings every Easter...and don't try and call them Chicks, she will correct you..Baby Ducklings...Have fun..Love Ya