Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You're Invited

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you've heard me talk a lot about Mommies With Hope.

Mommies With Hope is a group based in Iowa that supports women who are going through pregnancy, infant, or child loss. I love their heart for hurting women, and their focus on looking to the Bible for real answers.

I'm so honored that they've chosen to study And Then You Were Gone in their hope meetings in Iowa and also on their blog each Wednesday this Fall. The first post is up today, and the blog study is open to everyone, so here is your official invitation to join in the discussion here. I plan on being a part of it myself and hope you'll join me. : )

I had the privilege of meeting Teske Drake, the founder of Mommies With Hope, in 2009 at the She Speaks conference in North Carolina, and I know you are going to love her!

Many of you reading my blog are not struggling with pregnancy loss, but do know people who are or have in the past, and want to know how to help. Reading the book will help you understand better how to help, and this online study would be a great place for you to send your friends for support.

I'm excited to see what God has planned for this study this Fall and so humbled and grateful to see Him using our story.



Nana said...

I am so happy that your book is reaching so many women who are suffering the same loss that you did. I have been meaning to ask you if you received a letter from Pastor Paul. He told me (and Aunt Dana) that your book was the most powerful ( and he knows some "famous" religious leaders and authors)that he has ever read. He wouldn't say that if it weren't absolutely true. He even mentioned contacting "Focus ON The Family". He is aquainted with the founder.I'm ashamed that I can't think of his name. He also worked with John McArthur when he lived in California. It sounds like there is a posibility that you could be hearing from one of them.Be sure to let us know if you do. OOOs&XXXs, Nana

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Becky, this is wonderful. I know your book will touch so many lives. So exciting.


Sally Jo said...

Wow, what an honor. This is just what you wanted your book to be. I'm so glad to see it being used in such a way. Mom