Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Like Me

How many hours did I spend as a little girl playing school with my dolls?

Oldest Princess is me all over again.

Playing school is much more sophisticated for today's modern girl. They have such cool things!

For Christmas, her Grandma and Grandpa always send her a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and this year she found the best thing in the world for her! (Thank you Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Joe!!!)


What a lucky girl she is!

I cannot say how much I would have loved to own this kit when I was a girl.

(Who am I kidding... I want to sneak into her room and play with it right now)

Inside the kit was an alphabet strip for the wall:

A mini book just the right size for the doll to read for silent reading.


And much more~ Hall passes, report cards, lesson plans, even school photos.

I think her students look smarter than ever, what do you think?


Alycia said...

I would have loved that as a child!
My sister and i played school and even pretended that we ran a post office. We would set up stamps, letters and stuff in my window sill, and she would be the customer outside on the patio! We loved that
"walk up" window!

B.D.Riehl said...

Woooooow. That looks like so much fun. While your girls are sleeping and you sneak some time with it, can I come over?? :)

Blog Administrator, Karen L. Brahs said...

Oh, this is so neat! When Nanny and I were little, we would play "school". I was the teacher, and Nanny and our cousin, Lori, were the students. We had a easel blackboard and were always scavenging paper and from various places for lessons, etc. This brings back such great memories!

Blog Administrator, Karen L. Brahs said...
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Rhodema said...

How fun. After three daughters we have 6 American Girl dolls in the house. But, now they are packed away awaiting their daughters and my grandchildren to come.

Enjoy the moment. I have to admit, I would like my own American Girl doll sometimes--one that looks like me. said...

WOW! That does seem like the PERFECT gift for her!!

missy said...

a homeschool mom in the making if i ever saw one. :o)