Saturday, March 13, 2010

Every Once in Awhile Becky

The other night, King Charming looked up from his computer and said, "You are going to have to rename your blog "Every Once in Awhile Becky"

Boo Hoo. When did I go from blogging every day to fitting in a quickie post every few weeks?

Hmmm...maybe the day I started homeschooling. LOL

I really miss blogging more frequently. In fact, it is pretty sad, but I've been walking around composing blog posts in my head. I just never find the time to get them posted. I've had a running conversation going on with you all for months- you just didn't know it. : )

Homeschooling is going great, but I have a lot to learn about time management. I think I'm getting there and making positive steps. I'm hoping that equals more frequent blogging.

Stay tuned for many "catching up" posts to come this week!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! We woke up to snow on the ground (enough for the kids to sled) and the weather man says it will be shorts weather by tomorrow. Spring sure is unpredictable, but I love it. Sun, sun, please come to stay!

Be back soon!



Rachel Beran said...

Have missed your posts, Becky...but don't stress yourself out about it. You are busy doing some very important work!! :) Maybe you can blog more during the summer. :)

Have a great weekend!

Sally Jo said...

Well, glad I checked. Ditto Rachel B, don't stress out. I love your blogs but I love you more. Mom said...

ha ha.. love the new blog title.. I have missed you, but TOTALLY understand. I've had a hard time getting my blogging groove on this year too.

B.D.Riehl said...

I am the same way. Constant posts in my head that are never written. I've been trying desperately to catch up on other blogs. I lost a bunch of addresses when I changed my blog address! Ugh. Love that you are enjoying homeschooling and look forward to reading your posts, no matter how infrequent :)

Erin @ Closing Time said...

I can completely relate! My post quantity is much less, and the quality is less too! I am trying to manage my time more wisely, and hopefully I can do better!

missy said...

o, do i ever know how you feel. i even deleted one blog, only to start another....i quit reading blogs for months, but have missed my friends terribly. i know, pathetic.