Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Still Here

A whole week and a half since my last post?? That might be an Everyday Becky record. : )

I'm thinking my blog title might need to change from Everyday Becky to "The Sleepless One." Every day melts into the night which melts into the next day of round the clock feedings. I can't believe that three weeks have gone by since our baby arrived. How is that possible?

I've been so well taken care of, though. My mom stayed for the first week and my husband took time off work to help me and our girls adjust to a new school year. I've been spoiled. He's doing the cooking, laundry, and getting up with the girls every morning to send them off on the school bus. We are all going to miss him so much on Monday when he goes back to work. I'm nervous about flying solo.

All of the sleeplessness and hard stuff is covered with this amazing sense of gratitude and joy over having our little boy here at last. He is such a sweet baby. I am so content right now. The last three years, I've felt in limbo, like things weren't right. I don't feel that way any more. Things feel very right at last. He sure has his mommy wrapped around his little, teeny, tiny fingers.

I'll try to post more soon.

On a different subject, I've been really interested in what's going on in the political arena right now with the presidential campaign. I'm excited about Sarah Palin and can't wait to watch her speech tonight. Her nomination has breathed new life into all of this for me. I love who she is on paper and can't wait to know more about her tonight.

I'll close with a picture of the princesses with Prince Charming. We are all enjoying our sweet baby boy:


Anonymous said...

AAAAAHH... jammies, precious smiles and three beautiful children... what a photo!!!

Thinking of ya and my heart is still spilling over with joy for the arrival of your baby boy Ben!

Congrats again,

I am also waiting anxiously to hear Palin's speech! I am thinkin she is going to rock!

Unknown said...

That picture literally brought tears to my eyes! It is just so precious, and he looks angelic.

I agree about the Palin nomination. I just hope the Dems don't sling too much mud. It bugs me what they've said already.

Hilty Sprouts said...

Such a sweet picture! Just priceless!

Love, Jen

The Jernigan Family said...

Oh my gosh he is HUGE! Is he really almost a month old! Sage just turned 8 months, and I can't believe where the time went, she is still little though and weighs probably as much as Jaymin does (I think that is what I will call him..I just spelled it like that so it didn't sound like Jammin) I too thought I was so tired I was going to drop Sage, one of the first nights after I had her I fell asleep with an open gatorade bottle in my hand and then turned over and douched Jeramy with gatorade and I've never seen him jump so high, the next night he woke up in a puddle of breast

I know the political races have me all wonkey.. I am typically a die hard democrat and Uncle Dand is hard core republican, but I heard he was voting for Obama, and I was contemplating McCain, because he isn't so left and is more middle of the road on some of my areas of interest, but I thought his choice of running mate was so obvious, picking a woman has definately given him alot more media attention which I admit has totally favored Obama, and I was surprised at his selection too. But with McCain picking her, I wonder if he did it more for the show of it, or if he truly thinks she will do the job, I hear there is so much controversy surrounding her already...who knows, weird year, I've never voted non democrat before, but this year has me thinking. Maybe I will vote for the green guy or the indepenant. Love ya and glad things are going good for you...I was wondering if you were breast feeding and if so how that was going! Love ya again!

bristowmom said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of your children. They are all just beautiful. We are so happy for you!

Alyce said...

I enjoyed a cup of coffee this morning thanks to you! Took me a while to use the gift card..I was waiting for a time when I was just shows you how long it took for me to get that time!

Emma said...

I love the picture. So cute. He is such a big kid! Can't wait to see him in person.

Katy said...

Sweet picture, makes me very very anxious to meet my little one! I am so miserable, I just want to have it to hold in my arms not my belly anymore! Glad all is well! Give me a call if you get the chance, I always hate calling new Mom's because I'm afraid I'm going to wake them up from a nap! Love ya!
Go Palin!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautifully sweet picture. I really enjoy your blog. I greatly appreciate your overflowing love for the Lord, your husband, and your children.

Hang in there... sleep will come and it will get easier. Keep savoring the moments.

andreawilliams said...

I can't wait to meet him on person!! I love the jammies pictures. Super cute snuggle fest.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! I totally understand and I'm praying that his 5 hour naps start happening at night instead of the day, but I miss everyone so much and the pictures really help. Keep them coming! Love, Mom