Monday, September 15, 2008

Future Aspirations

You have never met a little girl who loves animals more than this one. Her biggest desire in life is to have her very own dog, but her parents keep saying no. (Aren't they cruel!?) : ) For some reason they think having a newborn baby and plans to adopt another one will keep them busy and they won't have time to take care of an animal, too. She insists that she is responsible enough to take care of one herself, but they haven't given in yet. : )

She even has a name picked out for her puppy...Wish...because she has had to wish for him for such a long time. She's hoping for a black and white spotted dog, but at this point I think she'll take what she can get.

(Maybe some day little girl!)

When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer is "I want to be a small animal veterinarian."

I truly believe some people are born animal people. She is definitely one of them.

The other day she decided it was time to open her first vet clinic in my living room. I was her first customer. I brought in my little (stuffed) doggie for a check-up. The vet asked me if my doggie was an indoor or outdoor pet, what brand of dog food I gave her, etc. It was a VERY thorough exam. My poor doggie needed surgery, but I new she was in good hands. The next time your (stuffed) pet is need of vet services, I HIGHLY recommend this office.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little vet you have there. Maybe one day when things settle down she'll get her wish.

Unknown said...

Wow! Are you SURE you don't need a dog? Come on? My life is just as busy as yours and we have 2 foster dogs!! I know, I am nuts :) More pictures please!!!

andreawilliams said...

Opps, sorry. That last post was me!!

Andi Deely said...

Hey Becky - my girls love to play that game too - maybe we can surprise your girls with a visit from us with two little dogs (stuffed of course) to come in for a check up!

Anonymous said...

Hey...! I know a little black and white dog she can have...! Just kidding.

:) Marisa

Emma said...

She reminds me of me, lol. I was always a big animal lover, hence the three dogs in our front yard and the cat in our bathroom with 6 kittens lol. Avery looks like she's going to be the same way too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my... my youngest son wants a dog sooooooooooo badly! IF we do end up getting one... I know where to bring our dog for check-ups!

Could your girls be any cuter and then to be so smart on top of all that cuteness! Just awesome!

Big hugs,

Crystal said...

My 6 1/2 year old, grace prays each night that God would let her be a VET : ) So sweet!!!!! God Bless you~ Your little monster truck is adorable ; )

Heart4Adoption said...

So sweet! My daughter has been the same way. She cares more about animals then people:) She never played with dolls, only animals. She is 11 now and has an incredible passion for opening an animal rescue site. We did finally break down and get her a dog though;)