Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation Flashback: Beautiful Mt. Rainier

After a super fun family reunion, our next stop was Ohanapecosh Campground in Mt. Rainier National Park to break in our new (to us) tent trailer:

Isn't Ohanapecosh a great name? Say that five times fast:

Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh

We stayed for five days.
(This explains the absence of adults in these pictures. We were all camera shy after a week without showers. )

It was five days of hiking, playing games, eating s'mores, hanging out by the campfire, and visiting Grandma and Grandpa in their new camper for early morning cups of hot chocolate:

Hey, Aunt Becky!! I saw you eyeballing my hot chocolate!

The big kids went every morning to the Ranger Station for the kids' program and were proudly sporting "Junior Ranger" badges all week.

The following pictures were taken standing in our campsite. We definitely had the best site there. Isn't it beautiful?

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty we saw and the magical childhood memories made.


The Jernigan Family said...

How fun! I bet the kids had a blast with all of their cousins! I was so glad to see you guys at the reunion, always makes me wish it was longer. Love you guys!

Jamie said...

Beautiful! I LOVE Mt Rainier!!!

Sally Jo said...

And, great old people memories too! I think I had more fun this time then when I was a kid. Grandma

Katy said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! We love to camp at Mt. Raineer! :)

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Oh, this is so funny. We were at Ohanapicosh (I know I just spelled that wrong!) this summer too and I think we were at the exact same camp site. Or close, anyway. We stayed right by the river, too. So beautiful!! So fun to find your blog, Becky!