Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm in love...

With my new bike!

An amazing find on Craigslist that just happened to be EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

Cherry Red.

White wall tires.

Shiny fenders.

Comfy seat.

King Charming spoils me!

Tonight's ride was a time machine.

I was eight-years-old again, racing through the Junior High parking lot, jumping curbs with the neighbor kids.

I didn't want to come in and be Mom and make dinner. I wanted to stay outside until my mom called me in for dinner, and then I wanted to play until the street lights came on.

My neighbor kid said it best, "Admit it. Your new bike makes you feel like your really not old."

Thanks, kid! : )


Hilty Sprouts said...

Pretty sweet ride!

B.D.Riehl said...

Beautiful. I love it :) said...

How fun! Sounds like a perfect release for you! Enjoy!

J said...

So perfect for you Becky! Cute, classic, enjoyable, and free. I love how you escaped back to being a kid. It was written in such a way that I did with you as well. I may have to get a cruiser bike, now! :o)

Miss Debbie said...

Great bike! I actually still have the bike I got for Christmas when I was 10 years old. It is green and white and it had two baskets on the back wheel, but they are long since gone. And it has a new seat. It is in pretty good shape for an antique!! :-)

Crystal said...

that is a sweet bike! I have always wanted a bike like that! Pat is the king of craig's list!