Friday, January 15, 2010

A Season of Blessed Frustration?

In one of the Harry Potter books, the beloved bookworm, Hermione Granger, wants to enroll in more classes at Hogwarts than is humanly possible. To accomplish this, she uses a contraption called a Time Turner. It allows her to attend one class, turn back time, and then attend another class.

I've decided that I need one of those Time Turners. I could put in a full day of homeschooling, turn back time and get the house clean, and then turn back time and work on my writing, ministry, and fitness goals. Of course, all of that would leave me wiped out. 24 hours in one day is about all I can handle. I'm not sure I would like putting in 72 hours in a day. Hmmmm....

I know what I need! I need a Body Splitter! I could be like Barbie. There could be the Homemaker Becky, The Homeschooling Becky, The Workout Sports Becky, The Professional Writer and Speaker Becky, The Super Sexy Wife Becky, and of course, the Blogger Queen Becky who never lets a day go by without a new post. : )

Seriously speaking, what I really need is a dose of patience.

I was reading a magazine article recently that talked about the different seasons of a woman's life. The author talked about how often we think the season of motherhood is our WHOLE life. Because of this, it is called the Season of Frustration. Our days are filled with demands and responsibilities and there isn't enough time or energy left to pursue our dreams and goals.

My take away from the article was to remember that this time of my life will NOT last my whole life. It is only a short season. A blessed, sweet, sweet season that outweighs the frustration.

There will be plenty of time after my kids are grown and gone to devote my whole day to writing books and traveling to speaking engagements. I'm sure my house will be and stay clean then, too. This season is tough, but temporary and full of great blessing.

I'll still try to squeeze in all the other things because that is me- I love to be creative, to write, to teach, and to attempt to keep a nice home and a somewhat fit body, but at the end of this season of my life, I want to be able to say I soaked up every second with my family most of all.

It's just a balancing act. Or a juggling act. I heard a speaker say once that when you are looking at all of the things you are trying to juggle, you will find rubber balls and china plates. The rubber balls will bounce back if you drop them. The china plates will shatter. I'll just have to focus on the china plates and leave the rubber balls for later.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


J said...

I love this, Becky!!!! I agree with you...there's not enough time in a day. I thought this exact same thing today. I wondered if I have too many hobbies....if I really do need a clean house, how many days exactly do I need to work out, whether or not I can squeeze art into the girls' homeschool week...etc. Then I realized how very much I love all the different spinning plates and they all make up who I am, and hopefully will bless the people I love in our home. So the conclusion I came upon was "balance". A little here a little there. Carry a verse card with me to meditate throughout the day, upload to my blog when I can, exercise when I can and only to the point of enjoyment, a half hour earlier in the morning to get school laid out in time, read my good book during a mandatory quiet time and then put away till the next mandatory quiet time.....and most of all....remember who is in charge here and not let the busy day get me down or overwhelmed. You are so right to have this wise perspective. I've heard many women say they miss the noise, the mess, the complete submersion of life at this age. Thanks for the needed reminder. You are such a great example! said...

I can fully empathize and understand how you feel! I love the juggling analogy with the balls and the plates. I am doing my best to juggle right along with ya girlie!

Sally Jo said...

You could always turn back time and sleep for 10 hours too. You young girls are so funny. Just because this age of technology gives you so many things to do, you don't have to do them. Just choose to do less, don't try to impress anybody but God (that one really freed me), and realize that there are about 16 hours every day (depending on how much you like to sleep) and it doesn't matter how you use them as long as you are in God's good and perfect Will. Don't feel so guilty. Just enjoy your life. It is so blessed. Mom

Hilty Sprouts said...

A resounding AMEN sister! My whole day was one of extreme frustration for these very reasons! Ugh! I needed a strong dose of perspective. Thanks!


Rachel Beran said...

So good, Becky! Very relevant and applicable...and a great reminder to us mommas with young children!

I'm in the midst of reading 3 different books at the moment. It's interesting because this last week they all came to a point where they were focusing on (what else?!?) PRIORITIES. I think God is trying to teach me something...or at least give me a not so gentle reminder. ;)

If we "missed the boat" when it comes to our home/our family, then we would be missing the greatest ministry opportunity He's given to us! Now to keep that in perspective...

Keep up the good work, Becky! :)

Susanne Barrett said...

I struggle with this issue too -- with my current season of life being so filled with homeschooling and mothering that I can't find time to develop my own gifts, pursue my own hobbies.

Yet with my oldest graduating high school this year after 12 years of home education, I am seeing how ephemeral this season of homeschooling is, this season with our children. I will indeed have many years to fill when homeschooling is just a sweet memory, when I will yearn for these years to return.

So I place my talents on the back burner for now, and enjoy my children as fully as I can in the moment, knowing that I have only a very few years of this season left and many years in the future to grow and nurture these gifts God has planted within me.

Jill Beran said...

Great words Becky! The idea of priorities and balance has really been on my heart!! Pray God will show you what He wants for you and you will be filled with His peace!! Blessings, Jill