Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank You!!

Thank you so much for the encouragement you all gave me on the last post. Today was a much smoother, sweeter day. I felt your prayers.

I think I need to let go of perfectionism and some of my teacher training. : )

Home educating is not going to look exactly like my classroom did when I was teaching. I'm learning a whole new thing here. Our learning isn't going to always fit into neat little class periods, but that isn't a bad thing.

(Side note: My classroom in public school was a good thing, too. I keep meaning to make sure I say here that I'm not anti-public school. This was just a decision of what was best for our particular girls and family).

I need to remember that I'm establishing a lifestyle of learning and we can keep learning year- round. If I wasn't able to finish the Science lesson today, plenty of other learning still happened, and we can still get to that lesson, too. (When I figure this whole thing out) : )

You can see some video from our school day over here.

Thanks again for your prayers and cheerleading. They meant so much to me.

And thanks to Prince Charming for taking such a nice, long nap and giving us lots of uninterrupted learning time. You can do that again tomorrow, Sweetheart. We won't mind at all.

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The Jernigan Family said...

They should call you by your teacher name...Mrs. Mom.