Friday, July 10, 2009

They Bring Out the Kid in Me

My girls have entered a new phase I have to admit I'm having fun with, too.

I have always been a doll girl. I remember making my daddy kiss all 22 of mine goodnight when he tucked me in.

My girls love the American Girl books and have been drooling over the American Girl catalog. They started saving up to buy their own dolls, but $95 is a long way away when you are saving quarters and pennies.

We found comparable 18" dolls from the Springfield Collection at Michael's. They had fun buying their dolls and new clothes. My favorite were the mini crocs Oldest Princess got for her Lindsey doll.

Youngest Princess chose an Amanda doll.

When we got home with their dolls, I tried to act my age and stand back, but I couldn't. They
even let me brush their dolls' hair.

Today, we were having a bored, very grumpy with each other day, so I decided their new dolls needed a home. We grabbed cardboard boxes from the garage, scrap fabric from my sewing stuff, and started creating.

Here's what we came up with:

Here Lindsey is watching an episode of "Dancing Ballerinas" on her plasma flat screen, in front of a roaring fire, surrounded by photos of the people she loves the most.

For a couple hours I forgot I was 33 instead of 7. : )

I'll make sure you see the kitchen when construction is complete.

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Have a great weekend!


Bethany said...

I have such a hard time playing with dolls- I have no idea why- but good for you! Games, playing ball, etc. I can do.

My younger sisters found dolls that looked like AG dolls but aren't as well. I forget where now. They work just as well!

Lisa said...

This post took me back to my childhood and the days of playing with my barbies in the backyard under the shade trees with my sister. How FUN!

Thanks for making me smile this morning!

Blessings ~ Lisa

Emma said...

I was never a doll person, I was more a dirt/tonka truck kid LOL, but I can still get into playing with those! Looks like you guys had so much fun together. if you want to take long videos, you should use windows movie maker so you can edit and just use the bits and pieces you want, then you can be sure you don't have to cut anything short and you'll catch all the fun :)

Heidi said...

That is really cute Becky. You are so creative! I was both, loved trucks and dolls. Dolls went for truck rides through the dirt mounds! It is always fun playing with your kids, even dolls. Those are the things that not only you will remember, but the girls too!

The Jernigan Family said...

It looks like the Amanda doll is getting a timeout in the first video! How creative your girls are! Sage has some of my old cabbage patch kid dolls and 1 african american doll that cries when you walk by. I never did play all that much with dolls either, and some of them are really scarey looking...but those American Girl Dolls are neat, and pricy too....I better start saving my money now. said...

What a great find. I think those AG girls are adorable... to find a close replica at a reasonable price, now your talking!!

What an awesome mom you are. I am sure your girls loved the play time almost as much as their mommy did!!