Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's On Your Fridge?

It is about time to clean off my fridge. Every once in awhile I need to clean off old artwork and make room for the new. I'm sentimental about what's on there right now. Everything has a story behind it, so before I make any changes, I needed to document what's there. : )

Want a little tour of my refrigerator? : )

Chuck E. Cheese sketched our family portrait above. We don't make it there often...King Charming and I are not fans of the pizza...but our new tradition for birthdays is to let the girls choose two friends to go out to dinner with us on their special day. Princess K chose Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday restaurant. It was fun trying to squeeze us all into the booth.

Below our fancy family portrait are photos of my brother's kids. I don't get to see them often enough and they grow faster than I can keep up with photos on the fridge, but I love seeing their smiling faces every day.

These ultrasound pictures document our little miracle. The first was taken at 8 weeks, the next at 16 weeks, and the final one at 21 weeks. Can you see him sucking his thumb? By the way- Did you know that Monster Truck has a real name now? Hmmm....guess you'll have to keep coming back so you don't miss the big announcement. : ) (Blog Bribery)

Gallery of Fridge Art by the Princesses:

You've seen this before:

Princess Amy shows she's ready for Kindergarten: She's got the colors down for the rainbow. She sings a song Karissa taught her while she paints. "Red orange yellow green blue purple, red orange yellow green blue purple, red orange yellow green blue purple. These are the colors of the rain-bow!" It has such a catchy tune, I end up singing it all day afterwards. King Charming insists it isn't PURPLE, it's indigo and violet, but that just doesn't fit in the song! : )

More painting from Amy

I love this little butterfly- I have been reading Beverly Clearly novels out loud to the girls before bed and in Beezus and Ramona, Beezus paints a dragon with lollipops for scales up his back. The next morning, Karissa had a butterfly with lollipop antennae for me to put up on the fridge.

Well....there it is!

What about you? Want to post a fridge tour on your blog and invite us all over to take a peek. If you do let me know in the comments below. I think every fridge has a story to tell. : )


Anonymous said...

"Indigo" and "violet" don't match the crayola marker box either, and I think that was the basis for my understanding of colors as a kid. I didn't learn it was supposed to be indigo and violet until I was in college psych and heard that Roy G. Biv was an acronym for learning the colors of the rainbow. How random, but apparently effective, because I have NEVER FORGOTTEN IT.

Daiquiri said...

What a fun idea! I joined in too :)

Anonymous said...

Good for your hubby! We shouldn't be dumbing down science for the sake of simplicity! ;)

Dawn @ simply transparent said...

Now this is not full of sweet sentiments like yours but a little on the funny side of things...I may now have to unpack all those souviner magnets and let the kids decorate this part of my life again!
Thanks for sharing here's a post from the past.

Jamie said...

What a cute post! I don't have a fridge yet...hopefully I'll remember to do this some day. I began reading Ralph S. Mouse right before we moved...can't wait to pick back up on it.

Jamie said...

it seems everyone has the leap magnets...they're the best for learning letters.

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

This is fun. My fridge needed an overhaul so I recently removed ALL pictures and works of art. So now it just has a few magnets on it.

I collect a magnet from all of the places I visit (too bad they didn't have a She Speaks magnet).

Now the kids have a clean slate to fill up with their art work. :)